Growing up in a woman’s clothing store, I have been working in design and color theory since childhood. I received a Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Merchandising and a Bachelor of Science in Design from KSU Rogers and Silverman School of Fashion Design. After my undergraduate career, I moved to Summit County, Colorado in 1996, in 1997 started construction painting. My boss at the time asked me if I could make metal doors look like pine- a simple question that catapulted me into the world of architectural artistry.

Utilizing my design background I taught myself faux painting and upholstery. Since 1999 I’ve been self-employed, working all over Colorado and occasionally out of state. I now focus on innovation, mixing mediums and unconventional techniques to provide my clients with exclusive works uniquely complimentary to their individual style and space. I’ve developed a wide range of techniques, such as incorporating objects within wall surfaces, three-dimensional illustrations, embedding fabrics, laces, and small mirrors to maximize texture and light.