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Alyssa Serpentini grew up in the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio and went to college at Kent State University to study fashion. She spent the last summer of college working in Yosemite National Park.  After a few months in California and then traveling the west, she decided to move after graduation. She chose Colorado because it felt like second nature to her… like it was the part that had been missing from her life.  She has resided in the mountains of Colorado ever since and cherishes her mountain lifestyle with all it entails.

Serpentini spent her first Colorado winter teaching ski school and waiting tables. A friend suggested taking a construction painting job for the summer and she was instantly hooked on working in paints.  Her boss discovered she had an artistic background and began asking her to mimic specialty paint finishes. In time, she went out on her own to become a full-time faux finisher and to work with fabric installations.  

Serpentini has spent almost two decades submersed in her career, learning how to manipulate textures and paints.  Her work with large murals, textures and glazes have led her to create sculpted paintings that have been exhibited across the country.  The merger of her faux finishes and paintings have given her the freedom to work on a more complex level that she thrives on. She continues to research and utilize new products and is developing modeling compounds made with hemp to lower the environmental impact of more traditional products. 

Alyssa Serpentini paintng in her studio

Artist's Statement

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