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Custom Spa Bathroom to be Featured in Summit County's Parade of Homes

This gorgeous, custom spa bathroom is going to be featured in Summit County’s Parade of Homes this September. I worked with interior designer Tracy Egolf through the planning stages and she let me have my way with it.

5 of me could fit in that amazing concrete tub and don’t even get me started on the steam shower that Tracey created. The light gray walls and ceilings are a custom Venetian Plaster and the silver is a secret that I’m not going to tell.

My clients decided they wanted a little more drama after they saw the plain muted gray walls so I added another color and made it look as if it was cracking. Normally a Venetian finish wouldn’t have any texture but, sometimes the best finishes are discovered when you’re making unplanned adjustments.

I think the additional gray “cracks” and shading were a perfect compliment to the dramatic accent walls and concrete tub.

The Parade is the 2nd and 3rd week of September so anyone interested in ogling multi million dollar homes can walk through then. The entire project which includes another powder bath in a different finish, took about a month. I’m super excited because I get to go back and do the wine cellar sometime this winter.

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